Sent Nanoglyph 018 about Ractors in Ruby 3.

A more faithful implementation of the actor model than something Goroutines/channels. Two styles of message passing to get whatever blocking/non-blocking semantics you want to have.

I'm really impressed that PINE64 hosts its website on a cluster using purely dogfooded hardware!

Heapless is a neat Rust library that provides versions of data structures like Vec that don't use the heap. It's a familiar API, but some are necessarily different (e.g. Vec::push returns a result)

@brandur excited to find you on Mastodon! I've been a RSS subscriber for awhile.

Google is worth over a TRILLION dollars. Googles has over a hundred thousand employees. Google is the world's largest web-focused corporation.

Google Drive is one of their flagship products. The main feature of Google Drive is the ability to upload and download files.

WHY IS GOOGLE UNABLE TO IMPLEMENT CORRECT HTTP FILE DOWNLOADS? They're not sending a Content-Length header! This is literally web programming 101!

List of major Linux distros I have used:

Alpine Linux
Arch Linux
Linux Mint
Void Linux

List of major Linux distros I recommend:

Alpine Linux

Big news in cryptography! Sequoia PGP v1.0 has been released. This is an alternative implementation of OpenPGP (Pretty Good Privacy) standard, as compared to GnuPG. Besides being written in #rustlang, it takes a library-first approach.

Holy hell this sounds bad. Go is usually quite a robust language and I usually expect good things. This seems very bad.

The cheaper interactions become, the more intensely a system is corrupted. The faster interactions become, the faster the corruption spreads.

Apparently Wake on LAN works to wake my Thinkpad (on Linux obvi) from sleep but USB keyboards do not.

Cool cool coool.


This is a long-ass thread, even by my long-ass standards. If you'd prefer to read it on the web, here you go:


Security researchers are alarmed: the already-notorious Trickbot malware has been spottied probing infected computers to find out which version of UEFI they're running. This is read as evidence that Trickbot has figured out how to pull off a really scary feat.


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