For those wondering -- yes, gamescope will be the compositor for the Steam Deck. Not that gamescope is limited to just that use-case, but it's cool to see it shipped by default like this. :)

Quick tip for selecting text from an image on GNU/Linux (specifically tested on SwayWM):

grim -g $(slurp) - | tesseract - - | wl-copy

This will let you select an area on the screen and use OCR to stuff text it reads into your clipboard.

Wrote down a few POSIX shell tips I get wrong the first try when I'm writing a shell script (trying to break my bash habit).


So, #Linux🐧 is still not for #gaming🎮 you think?
Well, Valve thinks it is! Check out #SteamDeck

[+°|  |°᠅]

One of the most important lessons I ever learned about testing was something I saw taped to a bathroom stall at Google

Them: I get the appeal of Free Software, but sometimes I want something that Just Works™, without needing to fuss with it.

Me: M-x emacs-uptime

Emacs: 128 days, 21 hours, 26 minutes, 26 seconds

I have good feelings about NixOS so far. Getting an encrypted root via ZFS was very easy.

Security keys are now supported for SSH Git operations

You can now use FIDO2 security keys to authenticate over SSH for remote Git operations, providing a higher level of account security.

I keep forgetting how powerful phones are: here's a demo of using external peripherals and developing applications on the device itself!

"I am resigning along with most other Freenode staff"


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