@patrick I'd pull that out a bit more, the purpose of testing is feedback from the system. Good feedback is not nearly as valuable as bad feedback (failing tests).

basecomputer is rebooting for maintenance reasons...please hold.

The more workflows and scripts I move to rofi the more seamless things feel. Here's what I have in there so far:
- media controls
- unread mail
- clipboard manager
- general launcher
- audio output selector
- qemu vm launcher.

Cheapest way to ship something to Mars is to contribute to Linux or ffmpeg:


@patrick Replace cocaine with glass of water and you have a picture of how I talk to my kids.


$ mkdir -p ~/src/myproject
$ cd ~/src/myproject
$ git init --bare
$ cd ~
$ git clone ~/src/myproject
$ cd myproject

There, done. Now you have a 100% fully functional git repo that doesn’t require a network connection and supports every single git feature. Pull it, push it, branch it, revert it, whatever: it’s your own repo and you can do whatever you want with it. And you don’t have to sign up for anything or agree to a Terms of Service or share your work or trust a company you dislike.

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To be clear, Rust will probably be mature _eventually_. I'm not inherently against the "rewrite it in rust" thing, but it currently presents challenges.

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@brandur excited about this as well. Should make simple web server projects even simpler by just slurping up the template files in the binary.

@brandur Nice piece! I also use (and like) Goatcounter. I'm not sure if I have any other options given my blog is currently on Netlify though.

@cadey ah ok, nice! I assume then you're a terminal emacs person?

@cadey The emacs thing would kill me, hopefully that's resolved soon!

@codesections dunst here. Easily silenced via a script which was the main draw for me.

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