YESSSS! And support for Wine/Proton is included.
Linux gaming gets a HUGE shot in the arm with this move. (And it's probably thanks to the #SteamDeck)

Nested shell aliases are fun, here's how I pop to my email (in emacs) from any shell:

alias e="emacsclient -q -t -c"
alias email="e --eval \"(mu4e)\""

Why swap is still relevant on modern systems, regardless of the amount of RAM available:

Somewhere in Grand Rapids, Michigan, there is an ancient Commodore Amiga that is hard at work. For over a quarter century it has been controlling the heat and air conditioning at 19 different schools and running nonstop. It's still kicking, for now anyway.

@patrick yeah love this article. Shows the power that comes from understanding your problems and making choices from that understanding.

Go in production: we switched to use the xerrors package to get stack traces, because stack traces are kind of important for debugging problems. If you've got a better way, would love to know about it.

RT @tinypilotkvm
TinyPilot's mission is to be the world's most convenient KVM over IP device. Here's a first look at the TinyPilot Voyager 2, which drastically simplifies installation and cabling.

@ketmorco @robby so no css at all? This seems like a “baby with the bath water” situation. CSS done right is quite a boon to any page with minimal overhead.

@patrick replacing the SSD shouldn’t be too bad. But I have been eyeing a whole new box upgrade and we could definitely jam on that together.

@patrick I need to do some maintenance on this server soon. I think the boot SSD is starting to fail.

For those wondering -- yes, gamescope will be the compositor for the Steam Deck. Not that gamescope is limited to just that use-case, but it's cool to see it shipped by default like this. :)

Quick tip for selecting text from an image on GNU/Linux (specifically tested on SwayWM):

grim -g $(slurp) - | tesseract - - | wl-copy

This will let you select an area on the screen and use OCR to stuff text it reads into your clipboard.

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