I keep forgetting how powerful phones are: here's a demo of using external peripherals and developing applications on the device itself!


"I am resigning along with most other Freenode staff"



JS projects can accumulate a ton of dependencies, but TIL that npm can explain why you have them. `npm explain foo` or `npm why foo` shows the dependency path to foo.

Super handy when you weren't expecting to depend on something.

I learned this because one of our QA servers was hit by a ransomware attack (not a huge issue, it's QA after all). We thought we were protected via ufw/firewall, but we were wrong. Here's a video breakdown: f001.backblazeb2.com/file/ams-

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Docker TIL: Docker's iptables chains win over ufw 😅If you're relying on ufw or anything similar to route traffic differently than Docker you're going to lose that race every time.

Instead apply your rules to DOCKER-USER directly: docs.docker.com/network/iptabl

How to run Linux GUI apps on Windows 10 with WSL and WSLg

Many folks have installed X servers and X410 on their Windows 10 machines and ...


Unpopular opinion: Remote Desktop on Windows 10 is really good.

@patrick thanks! :) I need to push them out more often lol, tabs and links build up fast

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