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Updated podcast-filter last night to support “negative matches”: you can filter a feed by episodes that _do not_ match the query.

No idea how useful this will turn out to be but it was fun to put together. I ❤ RSS.

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Shipped a small utility: It allows you to filter a podcast feed by matching terms in the episode descriptions and returns a new feed URL containing just those matched episodes.

source is here:

My backup plan consists of borg backups to and borg backups to my NAS here at the house. What does everyone else do for backups?

Turns out having a mic arm that is long enough for your desk is a big quality of life improvement.

I really like how the AMD 4000 series mobile CPUs look, however I'm anticipating my notion of solid price to performance ratios to be shattered by Apple's ARM laptops.

running Blackligth [1] on some git platforms: github, gitlab, bitbucket and @sir's sourcehut

guess which one resulted in 0 tracking??


Docker might be the world's most over-wrought `chroot`.

Getting anything using open-ssl to cross compile in Rust is always a pain.

How about instead of corporations clothing random idiots in their advertising in exchange for flooding FOSS maintainers with garbage, we provided strong mentorship to a new generation of engineers under the tutelage of maintainers whose sustainable careers are guaranteed by the direct financial support of those same corporations?

This is what "social coding" leads to

When you create the Facebook of programming, you have created the Facebook of programming

No, I won't add any social features to sourcehut, stop asking.

I think it'd be interesting to explore what this looked like outside of Github. PRs is a bad metric in general in my opinion.

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It's October already 😳

That means Hacktoberfest has started! I wrote down four approaches for Hacktoberfest 2020:

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