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Is there a super approachable yet informative guide to iptables? I’ve had to do enough with it that I’m toying with the idea of writing something like that.

New release of hover-dns:

I'm shocked returning the public IP from this is faster than using `dig +short` (Granted the time is still dozens of ms so it's super fast regardless).

"I reverse engineered McDonald's internal ordering API and I'm currently placing an order for a McSundae every minute at every McDonald's location in the US to figure out which ones have a broken ice cream machine."


I've used `dig` for years but until this blog post never knew about Google and Akami's versions of the same thing.

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I've been using a nodejs project to keep my IP up to date but was hosting the DNS via Route53. I'm happy to ditch Route53 and go back to Hover.

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Tonight was the first time I was able to _quickly_ read the source code for a library in Rust and pull out what I needed. Felt really good.

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Whelp, my crontab is slowly becoming comprised solely of things I've written in Rust 🙈

python noob 

As someone who has experience deploying web services in php, node, ruby and go I feel lost looking at how to do this in python. Is nginx + WSGI the go-to these days? Which wsgi implementation?

iOS app 

I continue to find LibTerm useful:

Having curl, ping, or dig available on my phone is great.

I don't believe in a personal computer without rsync.

Google out here writing a Vimscript Language Server in Rust

"This is not an officially supported Google product"

Fun part of packing: browsing Daniel Tiger episodes that have been downloaded by oscar to my NAS and caching a few to the iPad for Ellie.

iOS question 

Unrelated: what’s the best mastodon client for iOS? Currently using Mast...

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