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Just got my replacement AirPods from and wow was that easy! I’ve always bemoaned the lack of options once the batteries died on AirPods but this is a great option.

basecomputer is rebooting for maintenance reasons...please hold.

The more workflows and scripts I move to rofi the more seamless things feel. Here's what I have in there so far:
- media controls
- unread mail
- clipboard manager
- general launcher
- audio output selector
- qemu vm launcher.

Cheapest way to ship something to Mars is to contribute to Linux or ffmpeg:


$ mkdir -p ~/src/myproject
$ cd ~/src/myproject
$ git init --bare
$ cd ~
$ git clone ~/src/myproject
$ cd myproject

There, done. Now you have a 100% fully functional git repo that doesn’t require a network connection and supports every single git feature. Pull it, push it, branch it, revert it, whatever: it’s your own repo and you can do whatever you want with it. And you don’t have to sign up for anything or agree to a Terms of Service or share your work or trust a company you dislike.

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To be clear, Rust will probably be mature _eventually_. I'm not inherently against the "rewrite it in rust" thing, but it currently presents challenges.

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Well I now control mpd from rofi and life is good. You're running out of space in your free plan

me: ah so it's time to develop my own notion clone

Sent Nanoglyph 018 about Ractors in Ruby 3.

A more faithful implementation of the actor model than something Goroutines/channels. Two styles of message passing to get whatever blocking/non-blocking semantics you want to have.

I'm really impressed that PINE64 hosts its website on a cluster using purely dogfooded hardware!

Heapless is a neat Rust library that provides versions of data structures like Vec that don't use the heap. It's a familiar API, but some are necessarily different (e.g. Vec::push returns a result)

@brandur excited to find you on Mastodon! I've been a RSS subscriber for awhile.

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