I quit for a lot of these reasons. I still have a blog and mastodon, LinkedIn for work/recruiting but that's it. durmonski.com/life-advice/reas well said 👏

Just added DARK MODE to my blog. Detects based on browser settings. Special thanks to github.com/tastytea for the over 1 year old PR that I didn't see that brought this to my attention. Also: css-tricks.com/dark-modes-with (go nuts)!

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Chromebooks are very secure. This is not surprising. Prisons usually have excellent security.

Com'on rubocop!

bundle exec pronto run -f text -r rubocop -c origin/develop --exit-code | awk -F: '{print $1}' | xargs rubocop -A

Grab text from an image to clipboard on OSX:

screencapture -i /tmp/t.png && tesseract /tmp/t.png - | pbcopy && rm /tmp/t.png

This has to be the best video I have seen about "fat loss." Comes down to math: youtube.com/watch?v=vuIlsN32Wa

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