Quitting Twitter: blog.nindalf.com/posts/quittin Agreed. The expectation of engagement was always there but always lacking. I had the same experience as the OP with low/no engagement to when I did engage I was branded "troll." That with my effort to decentralize my life, I don't think I will be back on that platform.

@adam right I agree. I do think of a test is no longer providing value it’s at the end of life. How you determine that value is totally project/team based.

@adam furthermore, maybe there should be a TTL on certain kind of tests that exceed their usefulness. Replaced with a big integration test after the TTL.

@adam I am saying that good feedback can end up being a negative value if they are not broken from time to time. Chaos is required to ensure you are massing tech debt.

The purpose of testing, is to tell you when stuff is broken. Passing tests is easy, and possibly pointless. A failing test is much more interesting.

Just switched to bitwarden over lastpass. Sad they've decided to make free tier plans garb. 🗑️ Already enjoying all that bitwarden has to offer on the free plan too. Check this out if you're looking to switch: theverge.com/22295354/lastpass

A well written integration test is worth 100's of unit tests. TDD with integration tests is my favorite way to refactor large amounts of legacy code. 😎

@adam I was thinking I could probably rebuild using EJS instead of client side DOM manipulation too, might as well!

@adam It was easy man. Check this out: github.com/patricksimpson/blog

This builds it at build time. I am also running this via cron every 15 minutes on the server to get fresh updates. 😀

👾 Mast as a micro blog. Now that's cool 😎 👍

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