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The purpose of testing, is to tell you when stuff is broken. Passing tests is easy, and possibly pointless. A failing test is much more interesting.

Just switched to bitwarden over lastpass. Sad they've decided to make free tier plans garb. 🗑️ Already enjoying all that bitwarden has to offer on the free plan too. Check this out if you're looking to switch:

A well written integration test is worth 100's of unit tests. TDD with integration tests is my favorite way to refactor large amounts of legacy code. 😎

👾 Mast as a micro blog. Now that's cool 😎 👍

I really love mast, wish more people would use it :-)

If anyone wants to make money in Crypto, just buy what I am selling because anything I sell goes to the moon.

The lift to moving to Jekyll wasn’t worth the time i don’t think. I actually rebuilt Jekyll without realizing it anyway... unless I was completely redesigning, it makes no sense to switch.

Website back online now using rsync. Going to work on some perf stuff later.

Rsync has been by far the easiest deployment method I’ve used to date.

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I am working towards hosting all of my own stuff. With hopes I’ll have enough bandwidth to serve it.

Our reliance on the cloud has dumbed things down. Also, whether or not you agree with Parler getting shut down, hopefully you can see the danger in centralization.

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