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Grab text from an image to clipboard on OSX:

screencapture -i /tmp/t.png && tesseract /tmp/t.png - | pbcopy && rm /tmp/t.png

This has to be the best video I have seen about "fat loss." Comes down to math:

Back to my corner of the world, where I belong. 👋

Freedom of speech matters to me, even if i disagree with what you say. Words are words, there's always the "off button" I guess people forget that part. I can't be part of a system that refuses to let you voice your opinion, dumb as it may be. (That includes me)

I've accepted some alienation and I don't believe I fit in anywhere, so I guess I am alone.

I've lost many friends over the past few years even though communication is easier than ever. I realize some people are not willing to change but it still bewilders me how some don't even try new forms of communication at all. They choose to forget you. But I guess there's two sides to the coin, at least that's what I think they'd say if I could hear them.

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It's always a good time to remind that trading off your #Privacy or #Freedom for #Security is the fastest way to never getting them back.

In times of extreme fear or worrying, beware!

Communication is still one of the hardest parts of software engineering.

`lowriter --convert-to pdf *.doc` awesome! 🚀 💎

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